KDJ Brings Positive Vibes To Cinema Revival

KDJ brings positive vibes to cinema revival

KDJ Brings Positive Vibes To Cinema Revival


Conversations That Will Take Your Breath Away

The excitement has started for Wijdaan Films’ Kahay Dil Jidhar. And fans are anticipating the film’s release with bated breath. The film stars Junaid Khan and Mansha Pasha and it was directed by Jalal Rumi, a seasoned television commercial director. Whereas, it’s produced by Kamran Bari. Along with Junaid and Mansha, Sajid Hasan and Atiqa Odho will appear in the film. Penned down by Kamran Bari, the film sends powerful message about the societal difficulties we face and hence the reasons why we should watch this is:

Junaid Khan’s Big Screen Debut:


With his elegant demeanor, endearing features, and enormous skill, Junaid Khan, the singer-turned-actor, is a treasure mine of genius. He chastised, and several questioned his ability to behave appropriately. Yet, the gentleman did not only demonstrate his expertise in his area. He did, however, prove his capacity to commercially and critically succeed with the majority of his plays. He is set to make his feature picture debut after his success on television, where he won millions of hearts and critical plaudits for his acting talent. It is one of the reasons we’re so intrigued by the prospect of discovering what it is.

An Exciting Thriller That Addresses Serious Issues:

The number of box office smashes increased in tandem with the number of films released during the previous four years. Additionally, producers and filmmakers are experimenting with various genres, including satire, action, horror, biopics, and psychological thrillers. The public has appreciated the company’s several breakthrough stories. The filmmakers chose to explore the sensitive topic of drugs and correction in Kahay Dil Jidher. According to the footage, it would be the first time fans will watch Junaid Khan’s action scenes on the big screen. The film’s high-octane action is one of its draws.

Conversations That Will Take Your Breath Away:

Apart from being entertaining, the film sends a powerful message about the difficulties facing our society. The conversations are every bit as bruising and nasty as the teaser implies. The author has ensured that the monologues and verbal exchanges between scenes are pertinent and consistent with the novel’s tone.

Assures a healthy dose of suspense and drama:

Several story issues remain unsolved since the story is not just about romance and pleasure. Additionally, it discusses rejection, friendship, vengeance, corruption, drugs, and journalism. The film’s most pleasing aspect is how Junaid and Mansha become a pair, which adds to the film’s intrigue.

Quite an unusual name for the movie, right?

Soon after the teaser and the poster launch of the movie, a lot of reporters have been continuously asking about the inspiration and idea behind the name. Undoubtedly, it’s not every other day that you would find such an unusual name of the movie releasing in cinemas, right? As per the creators of the movie, the name itself is becoming the charm of it, as regardless of wherever you go, at the end, it’s all about following your heart.