Kamran Bari New Movie is a Cult Classic

Kahay Dil Jidhar Music is Spot On

Kamran Bari New Movie is a Cult Classic

After multiple delays and postponed dates, Mansha Pasha and Junaid Khan-starrer, Kahay Dil Jidhar is finally here and all set to launch soon into cinemas on 17th December. The storyline revolves around 4 University friends and their life transformation from aspiring college students to professionals fighting for justice in reputable careers. According to the trailer, we can say that it’s a promising film with a fair share of romance, friendships, self-discovery and life transformation. Touching the areas of corruption, society, mafias, gang culture and drug abuse, Kamran Bari’s debut as a writer is all set to revoke the conscience of the audience.

Highlighting the issue of increasing drug abuse in the society

The all-new cult classic is brilliantly cinematographed in 2 eras of pre and after college life. The film highlights the issue of increasing drug abuse in society and its causes. Junaid Khan’s character as a police officer will surely be a new kick for the viewers as he has always been seen doing the ‘sweet-introverted guy”.  The trailer begins with some college romance followed by major life-transformations and facing each other as deadly rivals in their professional fields as Mansha’s character is seen accusing Junaid of being a corrupt police officer and having connections with the drug circle. Due to the promising aspects of the movie, ANF (Anti Narcotics Force) supported and went an extra mile for Kahay Dil Jidhar like no other movie. 

Amongst multiple new releases for this coming year, Kamran Bari’s Kahay Dil Jidhar looks the most promising – a debutant movie for him as a writer however the societal aspects of drug abuse is aiding it to stand out from the other rom-com movies. The cast Mansha Pasha and Junaid Khan are partnering up for a movie for the first time and the duo looks quite impeccable! 

Her character as protagonist revolves around a sensational vibe of college aspiring girl shifting towards a vibe of newsrooms and journalists. She is shown as an honest journalist standing up against injustice and corrupt policemen to cater drug abuse and drug cases in the society and utilizing her platform to speak against it – as many bold and exemplary characters Pasha has done over years, viewers have higher hopes from this one too. 

Taking a higher road for Pakistani Cinemas

The movie is directed by Jalal Roomi and produced under the banner of Wijdaan Films, the film promises a strong plot with impeccable characters as well as some new faces launching in the industry! After back to back rom-coms and college romance movies, it’s high time for directors to take the higher road and highlight the real issues of society through the big cinema. Our cinema should go beyond the plots of objectifying women and chasing them with misogynist jokes all the time. While Mansha and Junaid’s fortune is still predictable, the storyline for Kamran and Roman still remains unclear. 

The movie trailer successfully impressed the viewers with sophisticated and vibing characters, action sequences, promising music and the northern areas cinematography. Guess we’ll have to wait till 17th December to unlock multiple mysteries about the movie and everything else it has to offer for viewers!