About Us

WIJDAAN is derived from the word Wajd, A spiritual ecstasy induced by remembrance of God and his Zikr. In its purest form, it is a pure state of eternal peace.

The story of the story tellers WIJDAAN FILMS is the brainchild of KAMRAN BARI with the idealistic approach and firm belief that Art is GOD gifted and if applied positively in the right direction, it can do wonders for humanity. WIJDAAN FILMS was founded with the same vision of making films and telling stories with a strong subject and cause. However, we also believe that to make a message heard loud, it needs to be wrapped in a beautiful colorful wrapping and as such all our stories are full of entertainment thus giving our audience an unforgettable enthralling cinematic experience.

“The purpose of a story teller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon”
Brandon sanderson

The vision of the story tellers

At WIJDAAN FILMS, We like to tell stories that are impressive and message oriented. We believe that stories can change the world and make it a better place for everyone. Our stories always carry a message just like the red blood cells carrying oxygen. To Us, A story without a message is like a joke without a punch line. Nobody really likes it!! So before we can tell you story in such a way that it achieves the desired effect, we jointly determine the goal and the core messages. This will lay the foundation on which we build the next steps. A good story touches the heart, its something we all can relate to and that is why we try to pick the stories that are more close to reality.

The dreams of the story tellers

“KAHAY DIL JIDHAR” aka KDJ is the first dream come true of WIJDAAN FILMS. It’s the first Urdu feature film to be produced under the banner of WIJDAAN FILMS. Starring Junaid khan and Mansha Pasha in the lead, KDJ is also the directorial debut of a very talented and experienced director JALAL UD DIN ROOMI . The film also features some of the leading names of our TV/Film fraternity such as Atiq Odho, Sajid Hasan, Rashid Khwaja to name a few. The film also marks the debut of the very talented and beautiful Roma Michael. The film is all set for a grand 2020 release.

The Platform of the story tellers WIJDAAN STUDIOS is the platform, the launching pad of WIJDAAN FILMS. Spread over 15000 sq feet of state of the art facility, Wijdaan studio has been catering to the needs of local and international film makers for their respective projects since several years. Situated in the heart of Karachi, our facility is equipped with all the latest technical equipment as per the international standards.